Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bex agility

Bex at Wye Valley - naughty thing behaved like a spaniel and went off sniffing!

I typically managed to film her worst run, g5 agility. I turned the cam on to film 1-7 jumping and it said remove lens cap... lens cap was already removed. Bexy did a stunning run and came 2nd, in 16.xx so by the time I had turned camera off, put lens cap back on, turned camera on, and removed lens cap, they had finished. The camera did catch them coming over the last jump!

They also won the g5 jumping by 4 secs but I'd gone home by then as had gone up for the morning with some friends I train who's daughter had their first show there. It was nice not having any of the dogs with me, there was no crazy barking, leaping about, or chewing of the car.

Mum had looked after them and I was NOT impressed when i got home to see Scandal had landscaped the garden, soil everywhere, pup looked like she had been a pig wallowing in mud... great. What a bad girl. We're going to an obedience show this weekend, if I can make the effort. I'm sure pup will find it thrilling to watch 10mins of heelwork... not... at least she wont stand ringside screaming like a banshee!!

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chasemyrainbow said...

she is sooo crazy lol. Is this the girl with the working cocker? How did she do?