Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I started typing up the days events but then managed to delete it, so this is slightly shorter version.

Day started with very scaredy puppy, then met Helen who very kindly arranged for well trained hubby to bring Nellie Bean down, Nellie has SUCH a fab temperment and was so lovely to the puppy. Although the puppy was more interested in taking Helen's fingers off to get to the treats.

Then met Rosie and Chip, Chip was also super to pup. Rosie told me where her caravan was so Scandal could have a play with Fozzie but I couldn't find it, whoops! I'm not very good at taking directions!

Was talking to Ant and his dad at their car and by this point Scandal had decided that agility was GREAT fun and was bark bark bark the whole time, I'm hopefully going to kerb this soon but as she was so scared in the morning I decided to let it go. Anyway, due to having two very good doggies, I don't hold the lead tight enough, and in my chatter, dropped Scandal's lead and off she charged into the ring, chasing the dog that was running. The judge gave the woman a rerun and she messed up, I was absolutely mortified and soooooo embarrassed. Even more embarrassed that the pup was having such a great time she was in no hurry to be caught. OMG, nearly died of embarrassment. Must do some more recall training!!

Scandal had a really good play with 4 or 5 other pups, all smaller than her which she's more confident about and she played really nicely, not too rough. She also met Chilli her brother who she liked, and mummy Ruby, who was also really good with her, even when Scandal wanted to steal her toy.
Scandal and Chilli

Tia had a clear in anysize :o) and isn't lame today yay! Bex had a 4th in 6-7 agility but ran like a slug, don't know what was wrong with her. Dad's handling has improved so much, he and Bex are really working like a team now.
Going to WBSDS on the weekend then thats it for aaaages!

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Sharon said...

Oh how funny Char, that would be my nightmare if I ruined someones run coz I let go of my pup. Really sorry we're not gona catch up for ages, but hopefully not too long. Take Care