Friday, 4 December 2009

Clever Scan

Pup was awesome today, sooo much better than Monday when I gave up and put her back in the van!

She was really up for it, we did 2 half dog walks and then 2 full dog walks at running, which were perfect, and then 2 half dog walks with the target and again they were lovely.

Channel weaves (4poles) were great, I am working on saying 'poles' then running still towards them but at a different angle, to make it even harder for her as her chase drive kicks in when she sees me running, and she wants to leave the weavies to come and catch up with da mumma. She's probably 100% with me standing still from any angle, but drops to 70% when I add me moving/running too. Loving shaping them, if she gets it wrong, ie goes in 2/3 pole, I just wait for her to correct herself, and yesterday she went through so many variations before working out which way in was the right way... she was perfect after that so I think it must have sunk in as she was working it out!

Was really up for jumping too, and powering off into the tunnel, didn't herd any jumps (she was getting really bad at running round, esp the first one) and was sooooo responsive to what I was saying. Clever little cookie.

I think it's a record and hope I'm not speaking too soon, but Scandal hasn't jumped up at ANYONE this week while we've been out on a walk. Or run off. Progress :-)


Hudsondoglets said...

Char, that was another thing I battled (and won) with NN. She used to launch at people on walks. She would take off yards away and literally land on people. It worried me sick but we got through it. They are soooooo alike :o) Wouldn't swap my lovely girl for the world!

Char said...

That made me giggle, as that is sooo like what Scandal used to do - take off from several feet away, like she was about to leap on a trampoline, and see how high up their body she could get. That was how she ended up knocking someone over, v embarrassing. We seem to have got through that stage though!

Sharon said...

I told you they all go thru a backwards stage (1 step forward and about 10 back), sounds like shes moving forward again....bless her. Her and Diesel sound so similar, he loves me moving and my movement outweighs any agility equipment at the mo, but I am working thru it.