Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Scotland and Woodside

We had a lovely weekend up in Scotland. It is very cold up there, I think it was below freezing for the entire 3 days. It didn't rain though which is much better, and the dogs stayed very clean. We drove up with 2 dogs and returned with 2 dogs - Scandal didn't run off at all which was great. Both she and Tia were very well behaved, apart from Scandal's behaviour at Woodside, which was less than good! We stayed in a lovely cottage in Alva, Clackmannashire. On the Saturday we walked around Loch Katrine in the Trossachs, which was stunning. Some piccies below! Went to friends for dinner on Saturday night and then back to watch some of the Xfactor - perfect!

Lowri had suggested keeping Tia rugged when we are at shows where it is cold - this I did. I don't know if it was this which made a difference, but she was A-mazing! Completely wild, but a lot of fun. I had her on the startline and she was whining and barking, complete fruit loop. I stopped her very briefly (ie so all 4 feet hit the floor) on her dog walk, and front feet hit the floor on the seesaw, before releasing her, and she ran her aframe beautifully. We got 4th in the grade 7 agility, her first clear at grade 7 :-) Imogen did really well with Tia in the junior jumping, especially considering the fact that Tia was REALLY pushing her luck and was refusing to wait on the startline, but Imogen held out and insisted, and so eventually Tia decided to co-operate. It was just Tia's fruitloopiness of not running in a straight line and wanting to cut up Imogen's path that got them an E, but Imogen handled like a pro and Tia looooves running with her.

Scandal... hmmm. I wanted to get her to the seating area, which meant walking through the rings, so she went completely ballistic doing this. Then we had nice calm Scandal when she sat very calmly while I treated her, she could just see the rings, so I guess this is progress. Then on the way out, she decided she was going to dive on to the orange fencing and bite/claw it, so I had to prise it out of her paws, which was a bit embarrassing, as at the same time she was doing her best screams which meant everyone turned round to look at us. I ended up carrying her out as this was a lot easier than walking with a total idiot at the end of the lead. I have no idea what will happen when we start competing but it is going to be hard work if this is what she will be like to queue with!

Trained on Monday and Scandal was great, lovely dog walks and I have just moved the dog walk up to full height now, we are going from half way along the dog walk again. 4 channel weavies were perfect... didn't do any jumping as I was bored by then :-D Tia did some training too and was great, what clever dogs I have :-)

Happyyyy :-D

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I'm Helen said...

Really well done in the agility with Tia - she's coming on!
Oh and nellie has been known to chomp score tent guy ropes and ring side ropes whilst queuing...be afraid, be very afraid..xx