Monday, 7 December 2009

Rujaff Birthday Party

Yesterday we went to Swindon for a birthday party that Jackie had organised for the 8 pups from Ruby and Jaff. I was looking forward to seeing her brothers and sisters again as have only seen a couple of them, and that was back in June/July.

They got on really well and we let them have an offlead play in the barn, was great to see them all running round with each other! We did a little sequence of 3 jumps - tunnel - 2 jumps and I was convinced Scandal was going to be slow, forgetting that it was the first time she had worked around other dogs, anyway she went like a little rocket and bounced them all, bless her.

For those not on facebook here are some piccies of her sister and brothers.

The pups from left to right
Pepper, Robbie, Rave, Scandalina, Rocky, Chilli, Che, Nell

Nell, the r+w girlie

Che (was Squiffy)

Rocky (was Fish)

Robbie and Rave


Rave Chilli and Scandal

Pepper (was Spot)

It was a lovely afternoon, Scandal was on her best behaviour, apart from one occasion when I was sat on a bench watching the pups do some training, she tried to climb onto the table to get the box of peanuts, so I caught her, and was going to have a cuddle with her on my lap, only Scandal decided against this, and wanted to get down IMMEDIATELY and then proceeded to climb on to my head, and in my mad scramble not to let her fall off my head (in hindsight, she'd probably have landed a lot better if she had jumped!) I fell off the bench backwards and we both landed in a heap. My bum is killing today! Naughty puppy! I do have some video but it will take aaaages to upload so not sure when I will get it all on.

Went jogging again with her tonight, she loves seeing the world at a faster pace!

We are off to Scotland on Friday, I can't wait, soooooooo excited!! I think Scandal will love it :-)

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Hudsondoglets said...

My idea of heaven, all those gorgeous red and white and red/white tri's together. One of them really reminds me of Niamh but then I guess they are related. Lovely photos!