Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Flying Scandal

Just a short post...

I thought Scandal had wings today... have been using food for the dog walk as have been doing lots of work on her adjusting her stride, so thought I would use her bally and see what they were like when she was going faster. As I described to Katie, I sometimes find it a little frustrating that I haven't yet worked out what the key is to really get Scandal to drive, I am sure it will come with time, but I like things NOW :-D I find it more frustrating as Scandal is sooooo super fast but saves the super fast button for when she is chasing something, ie deer. Well, on the dogwalks today, you would have thought Scandal was going after a whole herd of deer the speed she was going!! I just thought "oh my god, slow down princess" as the speed of it was quite scary. I am not sure I even like her going that fast! It all looks very reckless!

Her channel weavies were perfect today, as were her wing wraps and go rounds. I am finding there is soooo much to teach, we didn't even do seesaw or other jumping stuff today. Hopefully training on Friday before we go, and then Monday when we are back. Must start training regularly again!

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Katie and Jet said...

Good girly Scandalina xx