Saturday, 5 December 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Scandal

I cannot believe it that a) time has gone so fast, and b) Scandal has survived her first year with the amount of stupid/mad/crazy things she has done.
It has been an up and down year, Scandal contributing to both the ups and downs, but most definitely more ups!

This pic was taken of the guys on the mendips a couple of weeks ago... love it there!

Scandal celebrated her birthday by rolling in fox poo, and then having a cold hose + fairy liquid to get rid of it, gross!! I am glad my dogs don't roll in it as a habit, I think that is only the 2nd time Scan has done it, it's grim, and turns my stomach every time!


I'm Helen said...

Try tomato ketchup next time - say her 2nd birthday!! Then she can enjoy it all some more licking the remnants of that off. It gets rid of the smell in case you didn;t know Hx

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Scandal :-)

Lucinda said...

Happy 1st Birthday Scandal :) x